Our sponsors

At the present time the Journal Perm University Herald. Series “Philosophy. Psychology. Sociology”receives financial support not only from Faculty of Philosophy and Sociology of the Perm State University but also from Dmitriy Vladimirovich Pischal'nikov, the chairman of the of  the «ROSSET Ltd.»’s Committee of Directors.

D.V. Pischal'nikov is not only a successful businessman and practician, but a research scientist as well, who studies the problem of the increase in labour productivity, which is principal one for Russia's economy rise. The increase of labour productivity is not only economic issue. This issue is interdisciplinary, in other words – both social and cultural one, containing essential sociological, psychological and philosophical aspects. Too much depends on the way of resolving this issue.

Acknowledging sincere gratitude to D.V. Pischal'nikov for his support, the Editorial Board and the Editor-in-Chief of the Journal Perm University Herald. Series “Philosophy. Psychology. Sociology” are looking forward to mutually cooperation with other sponsors.

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